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Highly Recommended!! Paidverts

Paidverts is a site where you can earn by clicking advertisements. You do not only earn money, but you get advertising space also. For instance, to promote your referral-link of other sites.






Earn BAP and buy ad-packages

Paidverts works with BAP (Bonus AdPoints).

For every 2000BAP, Paidverts provides you with 1 dollar worth of ads to click

For every 1 dollar ad-package you buy, you get:

50 user visits for 30 seconds each, after copying 3 lines of text about your offering. Plus 25x top of page 728*90 banner impressions & 100x 125*125 banner and 3100 BAP points

Grow your account

You can click activation ads daily to earn BAP.

Once you have enough BAP, Paidverts will start issuing you ads, with which you earn money when you click them.

When you have $0.05 in your account, you can buy a recycle pack. This will provide you with $1.00 worth of ads.

Every dollar of ads given to you will cost you 2000 BAP. With that dollar you can buy advertisements, which will give you 3100 BAP.

The more BAP you have, the more, and higher paid ads, will be given to you.

And with that money you can buy more adpacks. That is the way to grow your account fast.




Paidverts is owned by mytrafficvalue.com. You can login at this site using your Paidverts account login information. Take a look at mytrafficvalue.com, there are a lot of interesting money-making things to do here.

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